I had two flocks of turkeys pass through my yard today.  I stopped to watch them, and in those moments, there was nothing else happening in the world.  The sky rumbled, grey and pouty, as it began to spit like a child having a temper tantrum.  I stood at my window, watching the golden maple leaves sway carelessly to the ground, feeling aware of the comfort of my home. Memories of my lifetime of autumns passed in an instant, as if I was casually flipping the pages of my favorite book.

I pictured myself making a big bowl of popcorn and sitting down to watch the turkeys.  But I knew that by the time I did that, my visitors would have moved on.  No, this was just a moment to be still, to treasure, to simply be there with the sky, the leaves, my cozy house, and the beautiful birds.  They are glorious.  They made me laugh as they pecked their way through my yard and garden, raising and tilting their eggshell blue heads, pecking, shuffling, ambling, scrambling.

I admit, I am having a hard time being back in “reality” after being away for so long.  But my heart is grateful for these remarkable visitors today because they reminded me of the “real” reality that is around me 24 hours a day, even when I’m too busy to acknowledge it. Furthermore, they reminded me that we are all just visitors here.  Like the falling leaves, we will all lay down for our final rest someday.  Perhaps that is why autumn is such a melancholy season – because deep down, we feel that reminder in our bones.  But I don’t feel sad.  I feel a deep, satisfying gratitude for all that is, and calm serenity for all that will be.


3 thoughts on “Visitors

  1. I love this! I was happy just with the two first sentences. That was like a short poem. And I love the calming reminder of death.

    You may need to change some setting because there were ads in this post, or pay a bill that’s due.

    You are such a treasure to me! I’ve been super-sad this evening after waking up from a late nap, being around these two, and I’ve been trying to let it in and also ‘let Go, let nature’ with them, knowing I can’t save them. That breaks my heart but it’s so calming too.

    And I did pretty good on Jeopardy tonight!


  2. Dear Laura,
    I continue to be in awe of your insightfulness and your remarkable connection to a higher consciousness as you seek a deeper and richer meaning to life. And as always, I am humbled by the power of your words and your ability to express yourself so well and so beautifully. Your writings help bring me into the present and awaken me to the moment. You are a remedy for my mired soul and you always leave me feeling blessed. Thank you sweetheart.

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