The Golden Umbrella

The Golden Umbrella

As far as days go, they don’t get any better than today.  The foliage is at the peak of its kaleidoscopic grandeur, and the weather has been perfectly sublime.

When I stepped out the door this morning, I gasped in awe at the golden umbrella arching over my driveway, glowing warmly in the early sun.  And I asked myself, “How could this beautiful place possibly be my home?  How did I get so lucky?”

The Golden Umbrella

But I must confess, I gripe constantly about the work involved with owning a home. Something always needs to be fixed, cleaned, or tended, which (as any homeowner knows) takes a considerable amount of time.  I pine for the days of my 20s, when renting a room or studio apartment afforded me plenty of free time to do things on the weekend.

But as I was driving to my job this morning, I came to thinking  of the good ol’ days, and I kind of realized that maybe they weren’t all they cracked up to be.  Sure, maybe I didn’t have to mow the lawn or fix the gutters, but I wasn’t really any happier.  In fact, I think I was much less happy than  I am now.

I think about my life now vs. then, and I realize that I have created an amazing place for myself in the world.  I have a job that I like, a warm and cozy home in a beautiful location, and friends and loved ones to spend time with.  Are things perfect?  No.  But they are pretty damn good.

There is nothing like the brief brilliance of autumn to remind you to be present in the moment.  It’s easy to get caught up in longing for days gone by, or to look forward to things yet to come.  But this moment – this fleeting moment – is the one that matters most.  Like the ephemeral flourish of fall, we just have to be present to appreciate it.

My little house on the hill


Monkshood out in one of the flower beds
My favorite place for a nap
A lovely “volunteer” blueberry bush
Sister Golden Hair



3 thoughts on “The Golden Umbrella

  1. As I was walking from the train station this morning I saw two men removing fallen leaves from the sidewalk and I wondered why. How i wanted to walk on that carpet of yellow leaves. How much more pleasant it would be than the bare cold cement. I briefly drifted back to my much younger years when I loved walking through ankle deep leaves, kicking them playfully. Now men with noisy machines come and blow them away almost as the flutter to the ground.
    Remember putting leaves between two sheets of wax paper and pressing them with a warm iron to preserve them? That will be my project for the weekend and I will hang them from the ceiling and make my own autumn canopy. Of course I have to make some for Henry also:-)
    Your pictures are wonderful! May I have a copy of the blue berry bush?

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