Supper Time in the Coon House

Supper Time in the Coon House

I volunteer once a week at a wildlife rehabilitation facility that cares for orphaned and injured animals.  Currently, there are 10 young raccoons orphans in residence, and they are a riot!   These guys are total characters, and they are incredibly smart, too.

Raccoons can live up to 20 years in captivity, but in the wild, they are more likely to live 2-3 years, which is no doubt a result of predation and human interference.  Many wind up hit by cars, sometimes leaving behind young ones who are unable to fend for themselves.


A couple of my friends at Medicine Mammals.  The cuteness is almost unbearable!
These guys are hungry!  And adorable!

I hate to think that some people consider raccoons to be pests. It’s true that they can get into garbage and make a mess, but they’re just trying to survive like everyone else.  Besides, they have just as much right to be here as any of us!

These are such fascinating animals – playful, smart, curious, and stunningly beautiful.  It’s been incredible to have the opportunity to observe some of them up close.  Mind you that these are wild animals and not pets (wild animals do not make good pets!!), and they will be released back into the wild come spring time, after they been nice and fattened up.  I’m excited for their journey back home, but in the meantime, I am thoroughly enjoying their entertaining antics.  I just can’t help but crack up when I watch them!

Here is Tyrese checking out the hose.  He’s the smallest and also my favorite.

Here is a video of the gang right before being fed.   They were all wet from swimming in their water bowl.  I couldn’t help but chuckle while I was watching them!


And here is a video of them eating. They sound more like pigs than raccoons, if you ask me!  You’ll see one of them pull out a red thing, which is a Swedish fish.  Raccoons have a real sweet tooth and they love candy!

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  1. Amazing,Laura, We had a friend in NJ when we were kids who had raccoons as pets in living in their house. I thought they were s bit nutty. At least they were wonderful X

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